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We love fixing washing machines, we really do.

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Washing machine Repair

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SOS Appliance Melbourne has over 12 years experience working with a huge range of washing machine brands and types.

Whether your machine is leaking, has stopped draining, the drum won’t rotate or it’s making strange noises, our trusted team of serviceman will diagnose the issue and ensure that when they leave the problem is solved.

Our easy-to-use online enquiry system allows you to arrange the repair of your washing machine from the comfort of your own home. Quotes include call-out fee, diagnosis, labour and all parts.

washing machine repair

Washing machine faults

common faults

Let our trained and experienced engineers diagnose your appliance issue and provide you with a complete fault assessment report.

id fault occurance repair estimate
1 Dead Rare Enquire
2 No drum rotation Common Enquire
3 Poor wash results Common Enquire
4 Not draining Common Enquire
5 Display error codes Common Enquire
6 Door seal Common Enquire
7 Leaks Common Enquire
8 Noisy Common Enquire
9 Not spinning Common Enquire
10 Faulty door Common Enquire
11 soap dispenser Common Enquire
12 Smelly Common Enquire


Booking a home or kitchen appliance repair with SOS appliance is simple and you know the cost of your repair upfront.


why choose us

We’re one of Melbourne’s leading appliance repair providers, willing to go the extra mile to solve any appliance issue. We’ve been in the business over 12 years and service metropolitan Melbourne, as well as Geelong and parts of regional Victoria.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met and they are left feeling 100% satisfied with our work. All our technicians are fully qualified and carry out work to the highest standard, whether onsite in your home or business.

We will diagnose & repair any appliance related problem, our team is fully certified & qualified.

We guarantee our work, which allows us to offer all services three months standard support and 12 months extended support.

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